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How To Maintain Whiten Teeth While Smoking

Everyone wants to maintain whiten teeth. However, with so many different foods and drinks being responsible for staining the teeth maintaining white teeth is a tough task. And it is all the more difficult for smokers to maintain whiten teeth.



The guidelines

  1. Clean you teeth with baking soda every night if you want to maintain whiten teeth. Sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush and apply a bit of water on it. Then brush as normal. The taste of baking soda may be a bit weird but it has scrubbing powers that will remove the stains caused by smoking. The stains will lighten in a couple of weeks.
  2. If you want to maintain whiten teeth make sure you purchase the necessary supplies from the chemist store. You will find everything you need in your local chemist shop. The best thing you can get for yourself is the anti-tar mouthwash made especially for smokers.
  3. To maintain whiten teeth you need to win the battle against tar and nicotine stains and therefore it is important that you use whitening toothpaste always. Replace your previous toothpaste with whitening toothpaste. Use it every single time you brush. This will help in lightening the stains.
  4. After you brush your teeth every night it is mandatory to floss if you want to maintain whiten teeth. It is essential you remove the nicotine and tar products that are in between your teeth before you retire for the day. This is important because germs in the mouth grow twice as fast when you are sleeping and the bacterial growth can cause stains.
  5. Use the anti-tar mouth wash after each cigarette. This is important if you want to maintain whiten teeth and prevent tobacco stains. Ask your dentist which is the best mouth wash to fight tar build up. Make sure you rinse your mouth every time you smoke. When you are in the public carry travel sized bottle of mouth wash.
  6. If you want to maintain whiten teeth you need to schedule a dental cleaning once every three months. Usually one dental cleaning is scheduled in six months but you need to do it once in three months to make sure the tobacco stains don’t settle.
  7. Last, to use suitable teeth whitening products to maintain whiten teeth at home, this is most effective and cost saving method. Most of the home teeth whitening products provide a same result compare to dental cleaning, however the cost is much cheaper than dental cleaning.


Now that you know how you can maintain whiten teeth in spite of smoking you need to measure accordingly. However, you need to understand that smoking is extremely injurious to health and it will hamper your oral health to a great extent. So, it is advisable to kick the butt as fast as you can.



two primary ingredients in a cigarette and they are responsible for building up a yellow film on your teeth. Your teeth are semi porous and with time the stains set it. It is quite difficult to get rid of these stains. This is why smokers need to be more careful if they want to maintain whiten teeth. However, if you are a smoker and want to keep your teeth clean then there are ways you can actually do it. You need to follow certain instructions.



This is because tobacco is a major reason behind teeth discoloration and it causes black, brown and gray stains on your teeth. Nicotine and tar are



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